Design and production Stainless steel stairs and railings

Stainless steel staircases and railings “made in Steely” are custom-made products, designed based on customer's aesthetic and space requirements. With high-quality production guaranteed by 25 skilled workers and cutting-edge equipment, Steely assembles and makes final adjustments directly on site, and this is the added value for stylish ideas and projects. Steely staircases are produced in stainless steel, in combination with wood, glass, stone, or resin.

Linear staircases, straight stairs or “L” shaped, in stainless steel and customized, both indoors and outdoors, for houses and for commercial buildings or production facilities.

Helical and spiral stairs in stainless steel and customized. The quality of the materials used and Steely experience ensure maximum stair stability.

Steely produces linear, helical, and spiral staircases in varnished iron combined with wood, glass or stone.

Railings with ropes

Railings with ropes are designed and produced t cstomer's specifications, with uprights and steel tube handrail with a diameter of 42.4 or 33.7 mm.

Railing with rods

The Steely railing with rods is made of a handrail and an upright in round steel tubing with a diameter of 42.4 or 33.7 mm; the 12 mm-diameter rods can be through or external.

Railing with glass

For glass stairs, the top of Steely range, we produce railings with glass which complete in the best way the transparent and neat structure of the stair, both for indoors and outdoors.


Ideal for protecting and giving repair, neat and light in style. Our stainless steel shelters are self-supporting and the covering is made of glass plates.


Steely balconies are custom-made in stainless steel according to customer needs


Steely offers various stainless steel solutions also for outdoors, like our handrails for pools or Spa.

Production of the Alto Adige

Steely is also distinguished by high flexibility, which allows it to achieve an excellent understanding of customer ideas and meet their requirements. This approach is aided by direct contact with customers, both during design and production, and during assembly, which Steely carries out directly on site. Steely designs, produces and assembles every kind of buildings in stainless steel. The company's production mainly regards helical staircases in stainless steel and glass, linear staircases in stainless steel and wood; spiral staircases in stainless steel and glass; and railings with tie rods, rods, or glass; open staircases in steel and glass; modern staircases in steel and glass. Steely uses and AISI 304 grade stainless steel, with the only exception of works in close contact with salt or chlorine, which require the use of AISI 316 grade stainless steel. Stainless steel is a material of unquestionable technical qualities, including very high mechanical strength and exceptional resistance to corrosion, accordingly, all forms of maintenance can be avoided. The use of stainless steel is particularly suitable for modern and designer projects, but, at the same time, being such a neutral and smooth material, it is also perfect in rustic settings with stone walls and wooden floors.



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